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CERAGEM: Gives Best Relief!

The CERAGEM massage bed uses radiant infrared heat and roller projectors to relax the spinal muscles and promote a balanced energy flow within the body, its work by creating rapid, involuntary muscle contractions, enabling your muscles to contract and retract much more quickly than would be possible from regular exercise.
I be sure of infrared heat is the most effective type of heat therapy due to its ability to penetrate deeper into the body than other types of heat, such as dry or moist heat. The design is based on a Chinese concept called Qi, which represents the body’s natural life force energy and power. 

The massaging actions of the roller projectors work to relieve pressure on the spinal cord by relaxing the spinal muscles. These effects work to improve the body’s overall blood circulation and flow. Watch this video for visual presentation.

The CERAGEM Far Infrared Energy consists of the same kind of energy found in sunlight. When infrared energy comes in contact with the body, it’s absorbed as heat. This creates a thermal effects inside cells and tissues, which enhances blood circulation and promotes healthy cell function. Cell function involves metabolizing nutrient materials, repairing damaged structures and eliminating toxic materials. CERAGEM massager focuses these thermal effects along the spine, which coordinates the body’s nerve, muscle function and brain functions. By stimulating healthy cell and tissue functions in this area, natural healing can take place throughout the body as a result of the effects experienced along the spinal region.
Unlike those common “Feel Good” massages that we have been accustomed to, the CERAGEM Automatic Far Infrared Massagers are proudly certified as a Class II Medical Device by the FDA.
CERAGEM has helped millions of people worldwide. You can’t go wrong with these which I have recommended. I used this with great success, and can just as easily be used without the cost of doctor visits. The best way to demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits of the CERAGEM Automatic Thermal Massager is through No-obligation FREE Trials.
Come today and try CERAGEM for Free!!!
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Call : 909-627-5107.  
Location: 13641 Central Ave Unit F Chino, California 91710
Monday – Saturday 10am-7pm


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