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 If anyone is searching for a Ceragem Locations in Southern California well then you are in the proper Place!!!
CeragemCeragem Address:  13641 Central Ave Unit F Chino CA
Ceragem Locations Number:  (909) 627-5107

This is the Testimonial of Irma. One of our customers who received positive results when she started using the “Ceragem Beds”.

Hello I am Irma, and I want to share with you a little bit of what these Ceragem beds mean to me personally. I am a person who had been suffering for the longest time from joint and back pain and regular migraines. One day, years ago, a friend of mine invited me to a Ceragem locations found in Pomona. Immediately after, I found these Ceragem locations were virtually in just about every city all through-out Southern California. It was remarkable to discover the amount of individuals attending these Ceragem locations and offering their own testimony of how the usage of these beds had changed their lives. For the duration of these testimonies, individuals were saying about the increased overall flexibility in their bodies that they had not possessed in years and were genuinely convinced and fired up about the pain free experience their bodies were having. After several years of muscle aches, I made the decision I wanted to live the experience too. Initially, I have to admit that I was very doubtful of these beds and their advertised results, but after a very few massages I felt incredibly good. The infrared rays did their job and kept my pain away. I became aware that this massage was different, so after a long day at work, I used to drop by one of these centers to utilize the Ceragem beds to rest my body.

In my progress, I also observed that various other great gains emerged with the massage:

  • I lost excess weight
  •  My energy increased
  •  I was pain free without having to take any medication

The experience was all round remarkable; I fell in love with these beds because of how incredible they made me feel.

One day, these Ceragem locations closed down and without having the massage beds, I came to the realization just how much I missed all the benefits that these massages brought to my life. I did not know what to do; the Internet did not exist in the same way we have it today, but since this bed was very important and vital to me, I found the way to locate one of these Ceragem locations. They were no longer offering massages; these beds were just for sale, unfortunately they cost several thousands of dollars and reasonably, the price level was out of my financial budget. I always kept in mind that one day I was going to be able to enjoy one of those beds again. Years passed, and I felt frustrated for a long time, the pain was back and my energy had diminished.

I often thought about how many people ended up in my similar predicament. That is when I decided to open my own Ceragem locations called Las Camas in Chino, California. I have launched this store for all those men and women that loved the health benefits of these Ceragem beds, but for whatever reason were not able to obtain a Ceragem bed or simply do not have the living space in their property or apartment to own it.

My Ceragem locations is dedicated to all of you that have been missing the many benefits of these beds for all of these years. If you have never experienced the Ceragem beds before, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to unlock your spine and release your energy with a wonderful massage.

Please come and enjoy the experience!!!

Ceragem Location“Click here For Your Free Ceragem Massage”


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