Ceragem Locations: We Recently Opened A New Ceragem Locations In Chino California!!!

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Ceragem Location
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Ceragem Locations: We Recently Opened A New Ceragem Locations In Chino California!!!
If a person is searching for a Ceragem Locations in Southern California in that case you’re in the perfect Place!!!
Our Ceragem Locations Address: 13641 Central Ave Unit F Chino California
Our Ceragem Locations Number: (909) 627-5107
What is Ceragem???
CERAGEM combines Eastern health techniques handed down from generation to generation with the most scientifically advanced medical breakthroughs of today. CERAGEM alleviates the stress and pain that accumulates in your body from everyday living by improving your blood circulation, loosening stiff muscles and easing joint pain including aches associated with arthritis.
The Ceragem bed incorporates Internal Rollers and Pressure while Radiant Far-Infrared Heat is optimized to deliver the ultimate “Therapeutic” massage. The CERAGEM Far Infrared Heat consists of the same kind of energy found in sunlight. When infrared energy comes in contact with the body, it’s absorbed as heat. This creates a thermal effect inside cells and tissues, which enhances blood circulation and promotes healthy cell function. Cell function involves metabolizing nutrient materials, repairing damaged structures and eliminating toxic materials. The Ceragem bed focuses these thermal effects along the spine, which coordinates the body’s nerve, muscle function and brain functions. By stimulating healthy cell and tissue functions in this area, natural healing can take place throughout the body as a result of the effects experienced along the spinal region. Unlike those common “Feel Good” massages that we have been accustomed to, the Ceragem beds are proudly certified as a Class II Medical Device by the FDA. The Ceragem bed relieve joint stiffness, muscle spasms and pain, aligns your spinal cord, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, creates a natural body detoxification and easing joint pain including aches associated with arthritis. As the Ceragem Internal Rollers massage up and down the spine to induce passive motion of the spine for the purpose of gently stretching ligaments, aligning your spinal cord muscles, and increasing mobility, Far Infrared Heat is increasing blood flow and oxygen to discs, ligaments and muscles, thereby improving balance and strength. Patients find this therapy to be very relaxing and beneficial.
Ceragem: My Ceragem Experience!!!
Several years ago there were Ceragem Locations all throughout Southern California. Many people would visit these Ceragem Locations as a result of all of the wonderful health benefits these amazing Ceragem Beds provide.

I am a person who had been suffering for the longest time from joint and back pain and constant migraines. One day, years ago, a friend of mine invited me to a Ceragem Locations in the city of Pomona California. Shortly after, I discovered these Ceragem Locations were almost in every city all throughout Southern California. It was amazing to see the amount of people going to these Ceragem Locations and giving their own testimony of how the use of these beds had changed their lives.
During these testimonies, individuals were talking about the increased flexibility in their bodies that they had not had in years and were genuinely convinced and excited about the pain free experience their bodies were having. After years of muscle aches, I decided I wanted to live the experience too. Initially, I have to admit that I was very skeptical of these beds and their advertised results, but after only a few Ceragem massages I felt extremely good. I realized that this Ceragem massage was unique, so after a long day at work, I used to stop by one of these centers to use the Ceragem bed to relax my body. In my progress, I also noticed that many other good benefits came with the massage:

  •   I lost weight
  •  My energy increased
  •   I was pain free without having to take any medication

The experienced was overall amazing; I fell in love with these beds because of how wonderful they made me feel. Then one day, all of these Ceragem Locations closed down and without the massage beds, I realized how much I missed all the benefits that these massages brought to my life. Many years later I found a Ceragem Locations online. Unfortunately, they were no longer providing massages; these beds were only for sale. I often thought about how many individuals had been in my similar predicament. How many people loved all of the amazing benefits the Ceragem Bed has to offer, but for whatever reason were not able to afford the Ceragem bed or simply do not have the space in their house or apartment to own it. How many frustrated people were out there? That is when I decided to stop being frustrated and open my own Ceragem Locations called Las Camas in the city of Chino, California. I have opened up this store for all those people who loved the benefits of these amazing Ceragem beds.

My Ceragem Locations is dedicated to all of you that have been missing the benefits of these beds for all of these years. If you have never experienced the Ceragem beds before, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to unlock your spine and release your energy with a wonderful massage.



Beneficial For:

Ceragem Locations

Patients with Chronic Pain
People with Stiffness
People with Stress
Office Workers
Physical Laborers
Athletes with Injuries

Far Infrared Heat:

Increases MobilityCeragem Locations
Relieves Joint Pain
Relieves Muscles Pain
Relieves Stress
Decreases Muscle Spasm
Decreases Inflammation
Improves Blood Circulation

Ceragem Locations: Our New Ceragem Locations Offer Effective Lasting Results!!!

A great treatment option for people suffering with back pain that are tired of taking over the counter medication or receiving physical therapy with little to no results should consider using the Ceragem Bed at our new Ceragem Locations in the city of Chino, California.

If you live with aches and pains including painful and uncomfortable back pain and tried every pill, gizmo, and gadget with no luck then we invite you to come and experience first hand the revolutionary Ceragem product with all of your loved ones and enjoy a pain-free lifestyle. Ceragem has helped millions of people worldwide. The best way to demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits of the Ceragem Bed is through No-obligation FREE Trials. Come visit our Ceragem Locations today and you will receive 2 FREE 40 minute massages. Come experience the results!!!

Ceragem Location“Click Here For Your Free Ceragem Massage”


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