Ceragem Locations: Visit our New Ceragem Locations For Ultimate Pain Relief!!!

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Ceragem Location
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Ceragem Locations: Visit our New Ceragem Locations For Ultimate Pain Relief
If a person is searching for a Ceragem Locations in Southern California in that case you’re in the perfect Place!!!

Our Ceragem Locations Address: 13641 Central Ave Unit F Chino California
Our Ceragem Locations Number: (909) 627-5107

What is Ceragem and What can It DO For You???

CERAGEM combines Eastern health techniques handed down from generation to generation with the most scientifically advanced medical breakthroughs of today. CERAGEM alleviates the stress and pain that accumulates in your body from everyday living by improving your blood circulation, loosening stiff muscles and easing joint pain including aches associated with arthritis.

The Ceragem bed uses Radiant Infrared Heat and Roller projectors to relax the spinal muscles and promote a balanced energy flow within the body, it works by creating rapid, involuntary muscle contractions, enabling your muscles to contract and retract much more quickly than would be possible from regular exercise.

The Ceragem Infrared Heat is the most effective type of heat therapy due to its ability to penetrate deeper into the body than other types of heat, such as dry or moist heat. You can receive an optimal level of Radiant Infrared Heat through the CERAGEM Internal Projectors, External Projectors, and Epoxy Carbon Panels (a component in the main and lower mats). The External Projectors emit Radiant Infrared Heat and allow convenient access to all parts of your body.

The design is based on a Chinese concept called Qi, which represents the body’s natural life force energy and power.
The Ceragem Far Infrared Energy consists of the same kind of energy found in sunlight. When infrared energy comes in contact with the body, it’s absorbed as heat. This creates a thermal effect inside cells and tissues, which enhances blood circulation and promotes healthy cell function. Cell function involves metabolizing nutrient materials, repairing damaged structures and eliminating toxic materials. Ceragem massager focuses these thermal effects along the spine, which coordinates the body’s nerve, muscle function and brain functions. By stimulating healthy cell and tissue functions in this area, natural healing can take place throughout the body as a result of the effects experienced along the spinal region.
The Benefits of Radiant Infrared Heat have been researched and noted for increasing blood circulation throughout your body, which in turn, improves your overall health.
Unlike those common “Feel Good” massages that we have been accustomed to, the Ceragem beds are proudly certified as a Class II Medical Device by the FDA.

Ceragem Ceragem Ceragem

Ceragem: Beneficial For People That Suffer From Chronic Back Pain!!!

Back Pain affects most of us at some time in our lives. Back pain is a very common complaint. Approximately 80% of all Americans will have lower back pain at least once in their lives. It is the most common reasons for absence from work and having to visit the doctor. Often times never getting better. If only they knew of the Ceragem bed and how powerful it is in aligning the spinal cord for ultimate pain relief.

Even though returning problems can affect people of any age, it is significantly more common among adults aged between 35 and 55 years of age. Many Seniors describe the Ceragem bed as the Miracle bed. Back pain can occur for many reasons including standing or sitting for long periods at a time, an injury, being overweight, or it can occur because of a disc problem, which can require medical professional help. Lower back pain can occur when the ligaments in the back become weak.

Ligaments hold the spinal cord in place, and when a muscle weakens, vertebrae can get out of place and cause pain. The pain can be debilitating. This is why the use of the Ceragem bed is so valuable to people with massive back pain. Acute back pain stems from a recent injury or incident, such as twisting your back the wrong way or bending for a long stretch of time. Acute back pain usually subsides with conservative treatment like rest, pain relievers and flexion-extension exercises, but none of these are as effective as the Ceragem bed. Chronic back pain is pain that remains and can be persistent or intermittent, slight or severe. It doesn’t disappear with conservative remedies. The use of something more effective is the only way to ever fully recover. The best option is the Ceragem bed. Chronic back pain can stem from trauma or from a gradual degeneration of the vertebrae that make up both the cervical and lumbar spines. It is important to identify everyday causes of back pain such as sitting or standing incorrectly, lack of exercising abdominal muscles which causes them to weaken, lifting heavy objects without proper support, and sitting or bending for long periods of time. What are the causes of returning pain?
The returning pain is consisting of a complex structure of muscles, structures, muscle, drives and bones – the sections of our spine are cushioning with cartilage-like shields. Problems with any of these components can lead to returning problems.

There are several remedies for back pain relief unfortunately, these remedies can only provide temporary pain relief for some people, but the relief does not last.

 Ceragem: Can Offer A offer a permanent solution!!!

The CERAGEM Infrared massage breaks up tension within muscle tissue. The relaxed muscle tissue enhances blood circulation by relieving the pressure that surrounds blood passageways. The CERAGEM Infrared Massage device delivers infrared energy, or heat, into cells and tissues and that heat energy enhances the CERAGEM Massage effect by warming muscle tissues. Increased blood circulation within a location enables cells and tissues to get needed oxygen and nutrients for healthy function.

 As stress and tension typically constrict normal physiological processes, the results of CERAGEM infrared massage activate your body’s natural healing abilities. The Ceragem Infrared waves can penetrate so far as 1 to 3 inches underneath the skin’s surface. Once this energy has connection with cell structures, a thermal effect occurs, causing a resonant absorption effect within the cells. Cell fluids start to vibrate as a result of the infrared energy being absorbed. These effects stimulate nutrient metabolism, repair processes and elimination of toxic materials. Affected regions of your body start to heal with improved circulation levels and cell metabolism processes.
Pain symptoms in many cases tend to be caused by inflammation within an area of the body. Inflammation acts being an immune protection system response that’s designed to guard a weakened area. In some instances, inflammation and pain can prevent cellular repair processes from occurring as a result of reduced circulation to the affected area. CERAGEM Infrared energy reduces inflammation and eliminates pain symptoms. When absorbed, CERAGEM Infrared energy blocks the signals that stimulate nerve endings and cause pain sensations. Inflammation decreases and needed oxygen and nutrients can reach the affected area. In the process, CERAGEM Infrared energy absorbed into cell structures promotes increased cell activity and restores cell repair functions.

Ceragem Locations: Our New Ceragem Locations Offer Effective Lasting Results!!!

A great treatment option for people suffering with back pain that are tired of taking over the counter medication or receiving physical therapy with little to no results should consider using the Ceragem Bed at our new Ceragem Locations in the city of Chino, California.

 If you live with aches and pains including painful and uncomfortable back pain and tried every pill, gizmo, and gadget with no luck then we invite you to come and experience first hand the revolutionary Ceragem product with all of your loved ones and enjoy a pain-free lifestyle. Ceragem has helped millions of people worldwide. The best way to demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits of the Ceragem Bed is through No-obligation FREE Trials.
Come visit our Ceragem Locations today and you will receive 2 FREE 40 minute massages.
Come experience the results!!!

 “Click here For Your Free Ceragem Massage

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